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The Sunset Preset Pack contains 15 custom presets used to edit all of my sunset and sunrise photos posted on my Instagram and website portfolios. These presets were designed by myself and are meant to transform your sunset photos into something dreamy and magical. These presets are great for landscape and travel photography. 

Please be aware that all presets work differently on different images, depending on how they were shot (light, exposure, white balance etc). I recommend that you first apply a preset, then adjust the white balance 
(temperature - warm/cool), exposure and contrast sliders to match your desired look. Some presets have radial and graduated filters which you may need to delete or adjust based on each photo's composition and lighting. I recommend trying all the presets on each photo you try to edit and then pick out which one you like the best.

The presets work both for RAW and jpeg files. I highly recommend shooting your photos in 'RAW' for best results while editing. These presets are compatible on Adobe Lightroom Desktop only for both Mac and PC.

No Refunds provided after purchase.

Connor Morris (Sunset) Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom


    Importing My Presets into Lightroom

    1. Open Lightroom.

    On Mac: Click on Lightroom at the top left corner then click Preferences. 

    On PC: Click on Edit at the top, then Preferences.

    2. Click on the Presets Tab and click on the button labeled "Show Lightroom Presets Folder..."

    3. Click on the folder labeled "Lightroom" and locate the folder called "User Presets". 

    4. Now just highlight and Copy my presets and Paste into the folder "User Presets" founding previous step.

    4. Close Lightroom, then relaunch. You should now see the presets in the Develop module where presets are located on the left side of Lightroom 

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